Tel: 07889 821348

Tel: 07889 821348

Social media

Social Media services from Elaine Pritchard

Your workforce can be the most powerful advocates for your company on social media - but they will only do it if they feel sufficiently motivated and understand why it makes a difference.

I can help you enthuse your staff about social media, and show them how it can benefit them personally as well as supporting the company.

I devise and run bespoke training sessions showing people how to use Twitter, LinkedIn, and blogs to create and share effective and persuasive content relevant to their sector or industry.

Social media is called 'social' for a reason. It's not intended to be a broadcast channel and the businesses and individuals who obtain the greatest value from it are those who develop a strong and relevant following and use it to build relationships with clients, suppliers, employees and public bodies.

Businesses can also use social media to monitor emerging trends, carry out market research and deliver great customer service.

Social media gives you an insight into the issues and problems that occupy the minds of your customers, and enables you to demonstrate how you can help.

You are welcome to connect with me at:

I am delighted to work alongside Nottingham PR company Cartwright Communications to help deliver social media services to their clients.

Nottingham PR agency Cartwright Communications


"What Elaine doesn’t know about social media wouldn’t fill a tweet."

- Phil Shanahan, Enigma Communications

"I owe my presence on LinkedIn to Elaine’s expertise and skill as a training provider and social media specialist. After concise yet detailed tuition packed full of ideas and suggestions I was totally inspired to explore the facility further. She offered individual direction and hints to all of us who attended, and encouraged shared ideas with all of us benefitting from each others' input."

- Tilley Bancroft, Red Door Studios

"Elaine's guidance on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter was invaluable and has given me much to do and increased my knowledge and understanding."

- Karen Kirby, HR specialist Greenshoot HR 


If you want to hire somebody driven, Elaine is the person for you. She has a knack of putting into words exactly what you'd like to say yourself but never quite manage to get it right.


Kerry Rhodes


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